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The City of Hidalgo is the oldest city in Hidalgo County. It was originally settled as a mission of Reynosa, Mexico in 1749 and later became the first county seat in the new Hidalgo County. For half a century, the city served as the county seat, before the county government was moved to Edinburg. Today the 1886 Hidalgo County Courthouse remains, beside the 1886 Hidalgo County Jail.

The City of Hidalgo is a great mix of old and new. Today Hidalgo is a growing city and home to a wing of the World Birding Center and the State Farm Arena.

The O’DELL STORE and FIRST COUNTY POST OFFICE have been restored and remains across the street from both the courthouse and the Rodriguez Store. RODRIGUEZ STORE remains in the city’s historical district, dating from the turn of the 20th Century. This was the county’s first gas station. The original gas pump that stood beside the store has been restored and is on display in the Pumphouse Museum.

In the city’s CITY HALL PLAZA, the new buildings are fashioned from the same brick as the 1886 courthouse. The “WORLD’S LARGEST KILLER BEE,” a large depiction of an Africanized honeybee, first spotted in the U.S. at Hidalgo in 1990. Stands proudly in the City Hall Plaza.

At the entrance to Hidalgo’s Memorial Park stands the statue of FATHER HIDALGO, father of Mexican Independence from Spain (which included Texas at the time).

Hidalgo’s two principal annual events are its FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS and BORDERFEST. The Festival of Lights runs the entire month December, when the city is ablaze are ablaze with more than 2 ½ million lights and 350 large displays on a 3 mile trail of nine sites. BORDERFESt takes place the first full weekend in March each year and is dedicated to the celebration of the diverse and unique cultural and musical heritage of South Texas and the border area. It is now the largest and oldest such celebration in South Texas. It takes place in and around State Farm Arena and attracts more than 85,000 people .

Historical Attractions

Old Hidalgo County Courthouse and Buildings

Six buildings from the late 19th century - the first Hidalgo County Courthouse, the first Hidalgo County Jail, the Rodriguez Store, the Rodriguez Pioneer House, the Odell Store and first Post Office in Hidalgo County sit prominently in the city’s historic district “Hidalgo Viejo”. They are located at Flora and 1st St. in the City of Hidalgo.

Old Hidlago School House

The first school in Hidalgo County was built in Hidalgo and has been restored and is now used as the Administration building and Superintendents Office. This Victorian two-room building next to the original school of interesting architecture, was built in 1915. Beginning in 1925 the building served as a Teacherage (hostel for teachers). They are located at Flora and 4th Streets, Hidalgo, TX

Worlds Largest Killer Bee Monument

The “WORLD’S LARGEST KILLER BEE,” a large depiction of an Africanized honeybee, commemorates the discovery in 1990 of the first Killer Bee in the U.S. spotted in Hidalgo. The statue was built originally as a float and traveled all over Texas attending parades and promoting Hidalgo. It now stands proudly in the City Hall Plaza.


Old Hidalgo Pumphouse Museum and World Birding Center

This historic building was once an irrigation pumping facility opened in 1909 to bring water from the Rio Grande to the fields to the north and east. The Pumphouse closed in 1983 but the building has been restored and is now open as a museum, featuring the 1912 pumps and steam engines. The pumphouse houses the only remaining steam pumps in the nation, and is listed as a National Register of Historic Places Landmark and a Texas Recorded Historic Landmark. The site is has been further developed as one of the nine “wings” of the Valley-wide WORLD BIRDING CENTER.

Located at 902 N. 2nd Street Hidalgo, Tx

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State Farm Arena

State Farm Arena is located at 2600 North 10th Street (Hwy 336) in Hidalgo, Texas. The $20-million multi-purpose complex features a 6,800-seat arena that will configure up to 5,500-seats for ice hockey, football, soccer, and a center stage concert capacity of 6,800-seats.

State Farm Arena is home to RGV Killer Bees (hockey team), Rio Grande Valley Magic (Indoor Arena Football) and RGV Vipers (basketball team).

Owned by the City of Hidalgo-Texas Municipal Facilities Corporation, the arena features 25 suites and 500 club seats. The property also includes 2,200 surface parking spaces on site, as well as a 2,000-square-foot lounge with access from outside of the arena, as well as 1,000-square foot bar and 300-square-foot pro shop.

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Al's Resturant
105 E Texano Dr
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Antojitos Tere Resturant
21 E Coma
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Buck's Pizza
802 N Jackson Rd
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Burger King
100 South International Blvd
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Church's Chicken
500 South International Blvd
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

El Mesquite Taqueria
123 W Coma Ave
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Gorditas Dona Tota
319 E Coma Ave
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Jack in the Box
510 S International BLVD
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

JC's Philly Cheesesteaks
410 E Texano
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

310 S International Blvd
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Mi Sombrero Resturant
1140 N. International Blvd
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Patlan's Resturant
6717 FM 2061
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Piporro's Bar B-Que
522 E Texano
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

2201 E Hwy 281
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

Su Casa Resturant
502 E Coma Ave
Hidalgo, Tx 78557

427 E Coma Ave
Hidalgo, Tx 78577

824 S International Blvd
Hidalgo, Tx 78557